A Bird in the Hand

What you resist persists.

- Carl Jung


What does it take to break free of the things that make us feel limited and trapped?  Nothing. Not helpful?  Oh but it is, in so many ways...in fact, limitless ways.

As an artist, I love to work in symbols.  These two images of a bird in the hand were chosen to to represent freedom from limiting thoughts and how to truly enjoy everyday life.

In the one hand, the bird is clearly alarmed and feels trapped.  It also seems powerless to escape the grip that is clenched around it.  In the other hands the bird rests peacefully without struggling and is unconditionally supported in whatever choices it makes.

Freedom cannot be won by struggling to escape.  There is nothing to overcome but our own limiting thoughts of loss, lack and limitation symbolized by the hand in the first image. This is the cultural default: to be afraid, grasping at and resisting life.  If, as Carl Jung asserted, we can't be free of that by resisting, what can we do?  Shift our perceptions from struggling and grasping to allowing and receiving like the bird in the other hand.

Breathe deeply and connect your heart with the peaceful, quiet nature of unconditional freedom................ Feel the fullness of the flow of life through, in, and all around you..........................  Keep breathing and just let this feeling grow, allowing yourself and everything you see/be to glow with the love of life............ Just Breathe.


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