The Artiste

This year I am drawing and writing a deck of cards.  By doing so I look at the Fool's path and contemplate how the interpretations flow through the process of life.  By posting as I go, I invite you to also enjoy the process.
Peacefully, Pic

copyyright C. Pc Michel, 2015, All rights reserved

The Fool happened into town one day
and on a terrace along the way
she met an artiste with tools upon a table spread
he promised if she listened to him she could avoid a life of dread.
"You are the artist of the world you see
through thought, emotions, breath, and deeds,
but know before you attempt to control these
that using them is extremely messy."
He motioned to a clean canvas, behind him on the walk,
To demonstrate his methods he continued with his talk.
"Hold the brush dumb." he advised,
"What you think you know is a complex series of lies.
There is nothing to be kept safe from.
Nothing you can do that can't be undone.
Remember the options and choices are infinite and so
there's no reason to hold on and nothing to let go.
What doesn't work is just not finished - yet." His experience qualified,
Appreciate the messy process of life, and you will be satisfied."

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