The Koan of Now You See It, Now You Don't

There's always more than one way to "see" things, but lately I have been "looking at" two extremes.  This "looking at" qualifier is important as it defines the position from which we can "see" things that is not as the typical "seer", "seeing" or "seen", but from the viewpoint of the unconditional which makes all variations possible.  The Conditional OS  invokes us to be one of the three without a "second thought".  By observing this automatic we can consciously enjoy life in the flow of the unconditional or Universal OS. Confused? You won't be in a moment, however it might be by way of being so confused that the Conditional OS simply fails to process.  

So, back to the two extremes.

Ever have so many things going on at once you can't see clearly what path to take and think things will never get better? Or, ever see a path before you and know in your heart all the good things that will happen if you take it?  Either way, it isn't true.  At least not for for "certain".  

Life is change and unconditional.  If we are looking for things to settle down, or be in order before we proceed, or of a "certain condition" as we proceed or when we arrive at our "destination", we will miss what can be.  Ready for the brain scrambler: Because like the "seer" the "seeing" and the "seen" "here" only exists by way of imagining someplace "else" and "now" only seems to be by holding thoughts of "then", if you get "there" you will find it has "now" become a "here". There is no "moment" to be "in" because there is no "past" or "future" to get "out" of or "reach", no "destination" other than the "journey" of transcending these paradoxes and fully enjoying the flow of life. 

It's that simple. Notice the automatic conditional qualifiers for what they are, limiting conditions that seem to hold back and resist. That being said, the journey of course includes seeing and not seeing all this.  Like turning blind corners, slowing down a little is often helpful. Now you see it, now you don't.  Feel your breath and smile knowing you are "all ways" in the flow of life no matter what conditions you think you see. 

Loving it,

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