Lightening Up the Acronym of FEAR

There are times in our lives when we need to let go of our attachments.  That can bring on a whole lot of fear.  So much so that the word fear has been popularized in some circles as an acronym for what fear feels like.  Very often the first letter of FEAR has been assigned a 4-letter word that expresses frustration, but not necessarily the cause of the frustration.  Forget is a much better interpretation making the popular acronym stand for Forget Everything And Run.    
It may seem that what is to be forgotten is whatever doesn't seem to be going well, but there is another way of looking at it.  What are we forgetting when we are afraid?  When I am in such a funk, I am forgetting everything I know and love about how I create my experience by the way I express the life that comes through me. 

When we pour what we bring up from the unconditional, limitless wellspring of life into the fearfully shallow container of loss, lack and limitation nothing improves and the negative is magnified.
When we lighten up we do not need to be contained by fear. What is most important for all of us is that each of us pull up the love of life that wells up from within and flood our view of life with all the gratitude and happiness it can produce. 
We transform the classic example of FEAR when we Find Enlightenment (lighten up) And Re-lease the investment of our energy into new life rather than forget the power we truly possess to create life and run from what doesn't seem to be working as though it has power over us. 
Any way you look at it we are creating a masterpiece of life through the instrument of our being. Don't mistake the paint for the brush.  Lighten-up, enjoy the process, and your life will always be a work in progress!


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