The Re-Genesis of our True Nature

Every morning my dog Max takes me for a walk and I am usually moved to take a few photos of the things that stand out along the way.  Today it was the little things.  By the time I finished writing this blog I was connected to the story of Genesis and what is often referred to as "original sin".  I've written about this before, because beyond the religious overtones it is so deeply engrained in our existence, it really is something we need to forgive and forget every day.

In the story of Genesis, Eve is often cited for eating the apple she was told not to eat, but that was not the sin or - literally translated: error.  The mistake humans made in the story and often make every day is worrying they don't have everything they needed to be happy, healthy and whole. 
From the Toltec tradition as it is taught in the Four Agreements to the view of modern psychology, we are deeply conditioned to doubt our strengths and seek safety from our weaknesses from the time we are little children.  This is human nature.  Fortunately more and more people are seeking freedom from this limited view. The trick is not engaging it to do so.  For that we can take our cues from Nature.

Being human is a natural thing but human nature is often far from being natural. Nature unfolds without a second thought.  Human nature is all about second guessing what we should do to make things happen. Nature happens, humans set goals.
When we have a goal...the list of things we need to do in order to overcome challenges and accomplish the task at hand begins.  It's natural for things to develop over time, but it's human to try to control and worry about it. 
We worry because we don't know many things that could happen along the way. We worry because we know we are aware of ourselves as individuals.  We worry because we aren't confident we have the tools we need to make it through.

Nature doesn't worry the unseen and amazingly the details take care of themselves resulting in beauty and wonder day after day, season after season. No flower worries about winter, no snowflake conspires to harm flowers, the ground opens to receive seeds, and seeds become food and new flowers to be enjoyed in the spring. 

While it is human nature to take control and plan, the intention behind our true nature is to appreciate this creative process called life.  When we are centered in nature as it unfolds all around and through us we are uniquely qualified among all that is natural to recognize the meaningful and beauty of life. 


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