Surrender That

Of all the ego exacerbating words in our language, surrender by far elicits the strongest response in the form of resistance.  From our earliest learnings the ones who wave the white flag are the losers.  Those who surrender must submit to the will of the winners.  But that is just a childhood understanding based on the history of those who would engage in war.  

Life is not a war. It is not even a struggle.  The idea that we must try hard is lost on the concept of trying to win. The true winner has confidence that s/he will not - cannot - fail.  By remembering that there is nothing to be won or lost (except for our perspective on the way things are) we can surrender the win/lose perception of surrender, and surrender in a whole new way.
"There is a fine line between letting go and giving up."

Right beside the surrender that gives up is the surrender that lets go.  In either of these two ways of looking at surrender there is a sense of loss.  But there is a third way that gains and multiplies instead of producing loss.  

This is the surrender which opens hands not to let go but to receive.  This surrender knows there is always more to learn and experience and enjoy in life, and refuses to settle for what is already known. This surrender is effortless. The only hard work about surrendering is not thinking there must be difficult. 

This surrendering is part of the flow. Whether or not we willingly let go of what we have known, earned, or expected, things will change. When things change and we are not resistant, this surrender is able to receive countless gifts in the form of fresh insight, wisdom gained, new skills, and the freedom that is born of such wonder.  

"There is everything to gain and nothing to lose."
So, the next time life gets tough, and you've tried so hard...and you feel so close you don't want to give up...surrender that, and with complete abandon open your heart to receive more than you already know.  In this way the way is made clear.


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