Start Praying

I received a call at midnight from a friend deeply affected by the seizure of children at the border.  “This is insane! Is this what our world has come to? Why can’t we stop this? What is wrong with us?!!!!”  We stayed on the phone for an hour.

We talked about getting involved in politics to prevent things from getting to this point.  We talked about how this behavior appeals to some who worry about their limited resources being “given away” to others, and how the current administration has fed the idea that we must take things away from others to regain our greatness.  

We talked about how this kind of energy is very slow.  It is the energy of ego, and it is limited by the beliefs in which it is invested. Like anything else, the Source of life will completely fulfill even the ideas of limited and not enough. Which brought us to the one place every one of us can make a profound the Source of the problem. 

Rather than send the life that flows through us down the slope of hopelessness and despair, we can redirect it to bring about healing and channel limitless, pure, loving kindness into the fray.  What will happen is certain, we will uplift our little piece of reality.  As more and more of us assert healthy, workable expressions of life into this mess, it will begin to soften. 

As we refuse to get caught up in the tangle of deception, we can affirm Truth and send it out through every strand of our being.  That tangle of deception is the story that we must negotiate on the physical plane to get what we need.

Of course, taking positions which further goodness on the physical plane is a positive thing, but there is no need to limit ourselves to that.  When we are faithful to our ability to choose emotionally, spiritually, and mentally to take the higher road, that is not just about politics, but our ability to express light into the darkness.  No one can stop that.  Spirit fuels the physical, its up to us to make sure the fire burns brightly and not destructively.

The best way I know how to burn brightly is through prayer and meditation.  As the mind starts to grasp on the images and stories of suffering and fear, we can choose to redirect our perceptions to the Spirit beneath those deceptions, and to the heart which can change them.  We can hold space for the smiles and comfort of these children.  We can imagine and sustain their ability to smile and trust and love. We can reach out and hold the untouchables at the deepest, most essence-all level. 

We can send comfort and loving kindness through thoughts and affirmations which also raises our energy as we do and we become a channel for peace.  This is what is needed as the slower energy goes through its system-addict way of bartering its perceived limited resources.  If ever their was a time to pray and meditate on peace and love, it is now.  Send love!  Do it every chance you get.  

Here are two affirmative prayers from Silent Unity.  For additional prayers, meditations, and other spiritual resources, visit silent Call 1-800-NOW-PRAY any time, day or night for loving, confidential prayer support.

Envision yourself finding a child to comfort and wrap the little one in this energy.  Send some to the parents too!

peacefully, pic;)