I Am Really Excited!

Really.  Not just a little. I am really excited. Right now. This very moment. After years of being “happy enough”, I am taking a turn for even better.  And despite there apparently being no reason in particular as to why I should be really excited, I am really excited.  

I am really excited because I don’t know what is going to happen next. Every next moment is a gift to be unwrapped and discovered for the first time. There is no same old, stuck, or unchanging, unless I choose to see that way. And even then, only for me.
For now, I am really excited because I choose to be really excited. Everyone can be really excited. Wonderful things are happening in this very moment. Making the choice to allow being really excited, is wonderful and exciting.

100% of being really excited lays in making the choice to be really excited and feeling it, willingly, with excitement!  Actively see the opportunity in every single moment, to be really excited, personify it, and share it.  That in itself is really exciting!

Nothing changes, except us
And when we do, everything changes!