Happy Enough

A few years ago, someone asked in passing, “How are you?”

“Happy enough!” I replied, and the querent seemed surprised...not because I was usually unhappy, though I probably was, but because they had never considered such an answer.

“I’m going to start using that!” They said.

This experience was a connection to things I knew for decades, a blessing that brought me back to remembering what makes me happy.  Nothing.

If you know me, or have read my other blog, you might also know that I liken the word “Nothing” to the Void, Source, Brahman, out of which all that can be imagined comes to be...including ourselves and our happiness.

In the context of this quick conversation with a passerby, I saw that I had fallen into the imagining that If/When certain things happened, I would be happy.  There are a lot of things that fall into that imagining, and it is the basis for all addictions, frustration and disappointment.

The truth is, whatever that thing is, is not what makes us happy.  It is the idea that makes it seem so.  When we are clueless to the way we are creating this kind of happiness, we will need to experience something outside ourselves to cause it...over and over again.

We don’t need a reason to be happy.  When we are aware that we are conditioning our happiness on circumstances, we can change our minds and simply choose to be happy without a cause.

If we are able to set conditions on it, happiness already exists. Remove the conditions and happiness naturally shines through.

Everyday I notice the conditioning set upon the experience of happiness.  When I see this in my own imaginings, I let it go, if not in the moment, then by reminding myself regularly, I am happy enough.

True happiness is unconditional.  Breathe it in and smile it out!

Nothing changes, ‘cept us!

ps...its nice to be back. ;)