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We create each moment of our lives by the power of our word and intention. Sometimes it's not so obvious what influences our decisions and experiences.  Oracles such as the Tarot, numerology and astrology are not our limits but tools, symbols and reminders of the the things we might want to take into consideration and give us insight into what and why we're creating. 
 The vibrations of the sound of our birth date and name impress upon us and others our potential strengths, challenges, personality traits, and yes, current and future patterns. 
Learn about your personal year, compare how past cycles have played out, notice what influences are active now and coming in the future.  Practicing Numerology for more than 30 years has been an amazing pastime for me, and I would like to be your guide to using it as a reference in your life.

Intuitive Renderings are drawn from images and symbols you pull from the Deck of Prompts.  Using a single continuous line, I render a composite of the reading onto a single card.  The resulting image is unique to you and we explore it's meaning as I add color to the card.
Different from traditional Tarot, the Deck of Prompts includes dream symbols that gain meaning based on their position in the layout. Current and past issues contrast conscious and unconsious gifts and goals. 
Every card is a unique work of art based on your reading.

Intuitive Rendering with Numerology Reading $50/50 min
Intuitive Rendering drawn and colored $30/30 min
Intuitive Prompts reading only $20/20 min
Numerology Reading $30/30 min
Events may be scheduled per individual or per hour
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